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Business Questions



Did you know that MindScope Answers come from a Divine source, and they add value to your Corporate Decision?

Below you can find few business questions asked by anxious business owners. MindScope answers helped them to improve their business status. You too can add value to your Business by seeking MindScope Divine intervention.

Am I outsourcing the right tasks in my household service company?

Am I strong and clear in my communication within my company?

Among the five listed, who will be my role model in my new Media Business?

Do my products and services relating to hardware qualify to be a real business?

Do my products, Kitchen appliances, differentiate from other competitors?

Does my Pharmaceutical Business have a hurdle around it?

Does the hurdle in my Pharmaceutical Business come from outside?

Does the hurdle in my Pharmaceutical Business come from within?

How could I create value for my Tours and Travel Business?
(Options a. Cheap rates b. Competitive pricing c. Quality service d. Others)

How do I connect with right people to promote my Travel Business?

How much do my customers trust my company on Food Products?

How much am I committed to my IT Business?

How much is my partner is committed to our business?

I have a concept of bringing under one roof, a variety of foods of specific regions like Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthan of India What food should I specialize in my Hotel? (a. Vegetarian b. Non-Vegetarian,Both)

What food should I specialize in my Hotel? (a. South Indian b. North Indian, Both d. Chats, Juice, Ice Creams)

What food should I specialize in my Hotel? (a. Vegetarian b. Non-Vegetarian, Both)

What is my value proposition in this company name of the company?

What technology should I use for my Auto parts? (a. ARAI new invents b. France c. Germany d. Japan)

Which is the right location for my Hotel Business launch? (a. Bengaluru, Chennai, c. Delhi, d. Hyderabad, e. Kolkata, f. Mumbai, g. Pune)

Which of these I should choose to bring awareness about my new industrial hygiene Business? (a. Electronic Media, b. Print Media, c. Google Ads, d. SEO, e. Others)

Whom should I hire for my Home cleaning service Business? (a. Experienced b. New to be trained c. Female d. Male)

Will I be successful in promoting my idea of Event Management Business?

Will current risk on the financial front I am encountering now sink me?

Will I overcome my risk, on the financial front, in one year from now?

Will my friends fund my Business for operations on FMCG Goods?